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Trimming trees can be a big job, but it’s not something you should put off. Regular and intentional tree trimming prevents unnecessary damage to your property and helps your trees grow and look their best.

Why hire a pro?

You may look at the job in front of you and wonder if you shouldn’t at least try to do it yourself. Why call a professional when you think you may be able to get the project done?

why hire
  1. Safety

    If there are trees growing too close to your home or limbs that are hanging precariously, it’s time for a bit of pruning. By using a professional, you’re going to lower the risk that a person, pet, or property is damaged during limb removal. At Tri-State Tree

  2. Appearance

    Trees without proper pruning can also become eyesores. Pruning on your own might seem like the quicker and easier option, but the results may not be what you envisioned. Trained professionals know how to manicure trees properly, and can detect and solve issues that may impact the health of your tree in the long run.

  3. Efficiency

    Proper tree trimming requires time and effort. It also requires the proper tools to do the job right. We have the skills, know-how, and proper tools to groom your trees. We also have the equipment needed to completely clean up your property at the end of the project.

All Access Equipment

Our equipment allows our workers the flexibility needed to do tough jobs safely and efficiently.

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