Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Service

Control the growth of your trees by strategic trimming. Timely tree trimming prevents unnecessary damage to your buildings or other property by removing weak or vulnerable limbs. Regular and intentional trimming can also shape the canopy in a beautiful consistent appearance. We usually have one of our trimming professionals stop by your place to assess the tree and advise on what should be trimmed. At Tri State, we understand your home and landscaping is very important. We treat your property like we would our own, creating minimal intrusion and cleaning up after the job is complete.

What you get with our trimming service:

  • Fast and fair quote for the project
  • Professional trimming recommendations
  • Brush and Brush and debris chipping
  • Full site cleanup with rakes and leaf blowers

How we do business


Free On-site Assessment

Give us a call or fill out the quick quote form


Quote and Recommendation

We’ll advise you on exactly what needs to be trimmed or removed


Complete the Job

Sit back and watch our professional crews do all the hard work for you

Why Hire a Tree Trimming Professional

  1. Safety. If there are trees growing too close to your home or limbs that are hanging precariously, it’s time for a bit of pruning. By using a professional, you’re going to lower the risk that a person, pet, or property is damaged during limb removal. If you yourself would try to prune a tree without proper equipment, you’d be putting yourself in danger. A professional has all of the safety equipment and tools to do the job properly and safely.

  2. Make your yard look great. Trees without proper pruning aren’t just dangerous, they can also become eyesores. Trying to prune yourself might seem like the quicker and easier option, but the results may not be what you envisioned. By using a trained professional who knows how to manicure trees properly, the result will be a visually stunning yard that adds curb appeal to your home.
  1. Efficiency. Proper tree trimming requires time and effort. It also requires the proper tools to do the job right. Hiring tree trimming professionals means you’re getting someone who already has the skills, know-how, and proper tools to groom your trees. They also come prepared to dispose of branches and clean up after themselves, meaning you’re saving all that time and effort if you’d try to do it yourself.

  2. Improve the health of your trees. Unless you’re an arborist, you probably can’t assess the health of your trees on your own. A professional can help save your tree! They are able to detect issues that may impact the health of your tree and keep it from dying.

All Access Equipment

At Tri-State we use the CMC machine from Arbor Pro to gain access in tight spaces, and give our workers the flexibility and safety needed for the toughest jobs.

We're on call 24/7 to react promptly to your tree emergencies.

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