Tree & Stump Removal

Tree & Stump Removal Service

If you have trees nearby that are dead or rotted and need to be removed from your property, we have the equipment to handle the entire project from start to finish. We first use a crane or large lift to take the tree down in sections as needed. The larger logs are loaded onto trucks and hauled away. Then we chip all the brush and clean up the smaller branches and debris.

If you choose to have the stump removed as well, we’ll use a stump grinder to completely remove it from the ground. After a tree is removed, the landscape can be marred with a tree stump that gets in your way. Recover the beauty of your yard by removing these stubborn stumps so you can replant a tree or start a backyard project. Our mobile stump grinder allows us to maneuver into place to efficiently grind the stump. We also ensure that the entire area is cleaned up and looking great before we leave the job site. It’s recommended that you get clean topsoil to fill in the hole, and then re-seed grass as well.

What you get with our tree removal service:

  • Fast and fair quote for the entire project
  • Large equipment (including cranes) to handle any size project
  • Complete stump removal after tree is removed
  • Full site cleanup with rakes and leaf blowers

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