Safety and Efficiency Is Our Game

At Tri-State Tree Service, we’re able to efficiently remove trees without turning properties into a mess because of the state-of-the-art equipment we use. Even if your trees are located in a tricky spot, whether it is in the middle of town or in a crowded space, our equipment allows us to get the job done with the least amount of disturbance to your property.

Kenworth Crane with Grapple Saw

Kenworth 106 Ft. Crane with Grapple Saw

This crane has an extended reach of 106 feet that allows us to park in a driveway or paved area, reach up to the tree, and cut without dropping the pieces into your yard. This prevents unnecessary damage to your property and also allows us to control as much debris as possible. 

Bucket Truck

75 Ft. Bucket Truck

Our bucket truck is insulated, which means we can safely navigate power lines without compromising safety. The bucket extends to 75 feet high.

Tracked Lift

83 Ft. Tracked Lift

The benefit of our tracked lift is that it is compact enough to fit through tight spaces (as narrow as 36” wide) but extends to 83 feet, giving us plenty of access to your property and trees. 

Mobark Wood Chipper

18 in. Mobark Wood Chipper

This large chipper allows us to chip large logs and branches quickly and efficiently, saving time and money. 

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Rayco Stump Grinder

Rayco Stump Grinder

This powerful stump grinder allows us to grind down the main stump and all exposed roots. Then, we’re able to clean up the debris and leave room for you to put clean topsoil in the remaining hole.

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